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Dying4Dinner Murder Mystery Events

Fun-filled evenings with a credible (just) crime to solve


  • Q1 - Do we provide events anywhere and at any time? Because of the cost of travelling, we generally limit our field of operation to the North West and Greater Manchester. That's not to say we don't or won't go further afield - we've even travelled as far as Swindon - but in such cases we need to cover the costs or the travel itself and overnight accommodation. Realistically that can become very costly. But you never know - give us a call and we can discuss it.
  • Q2 - So what do you provide? Easy. We provide the actors and enough evidence packs for each team.
  • Q3 - So what don't you provide? It's down to you to organise a venue and whatever catering you need. (We can suggest suitable venues and even point you in the direction of caterers if you wish.) We do not provide prizes, tickets or publicity material. That said, we can, by arrangement, provide artwork for the tickets and publicity (posters, flyers, etc.). We can also provide a small number of prizewinner certificates on request.
  • Q4 - What's the format of the evening? We organise the evening around a sit-down meal. In our experience, buffet meals do not work, because people expect to be able to get up whenever they want to refill their plates, causing noise and distraction for themselves and other guests, with the consequent dangers of missing vital clues. Our approach is to present short "set pieces" between courses, with opportunities for your guests to question the suspects as they learn more from what's being said and from the evidence presented. When all the evidence has been presented, your guests are given a final ten or fifteen minutes to ask final questions, during which time all suspects will visit all teams. At the end of that time we hand out questionnaires; teams are asked who, why and how the murder or murders were committed. Once the questionnaires are in we can determine the winner(s), after which we present one final scene to explain what actually happened.
  • Q5 - What if there's more than one winner? Webuild a tie-break into every event, ranging from questions about some detail in the script to a funny limerick contest. It's extremely rare - though it has happened - that any team gets everything right, but when two or more teams get a comparable amount right, the tie-breaker is brought into play.
  • Q6 - Will you act as waiters during the evening? By special arrangement we will; we even have a few themes that are built around that understanding. But please remember we are not professional waiters - we have no qualifications in food hygiene, for example. We can accept no responsibility for providing any sort of catering qualification.
  • Q7 - Will you sell raffle tickets for us? Sometimes, but strictly by prior arrangement, depending on the theme. Give us a call to discuss.
  • Q8 - How much does it cost? Bearing in mind the venue, food and prizes are yours to fund, we make a charge based on the number of guests at your event. We have a minimum charge for any event (don't forget it's not just about a couple of hours on the night; our actors need to learn lines and rehearse beforehand). Other variable include the distance we have to travel and the day of the week/year. Most of our actors have "day jobs" and like their weekends off, but we're an unscrupulous lot and can usually be persuaded to venture out at weekends by crossing our palms with hard cash. Again, ask and we will tell.
  • Q9 - What sort of places can you do events at? We range from large hotels to intimate private houses. We've done events for 80 and events for 12. Obvious venues/occasions include restaurants (a good way to fill tables on midweek quiet nights), sports and social clubs (great for fundraising), hotels, private houses and so on. basically anywhere you have a suitable room. Dying4Dinner also offers corporate events, for celebrations, a break during conferences, celebratory parties, team building days and so on. In such cases we endeavour to talk to you about your business and products so as to theme the event around your business.
  • Q10 - Do you have insurance? Yes, we have full public and employee liability insurance. Copies are available on request if you book an event.
  • Q11 - Is alcohol permitted? No, it's encouraged!!! At the start of these events, your guests are often a bit timid about letting down their inhibitions and asking the suspects questions. Whatever your views on alcohol, it does tend to be a good lubricant. Rest assured, however, that (despite what you think you may be seeing) none of our team drink any alcohol (or imbibe any other mind-altering substances) before or during an event. Most will gasp their way to a bar afterwards: these events can generate very dry throats.
  • Q12 - Do we have to provide you with refreshments? No, you don't have to, but it is appreciated. These events are thirsty work so any liquid refreshments, even as little as tap water, is always greatly appreciated. Snack and nibbles got down well, too, but this is not compulsory.
  • Q13 - Do the actors join in beforehand or remain behind afterwards? If you wish, or we'll stay out of sight if you prefer. Our aim is to provide your guests with a complete evening's entertainment. We have a couple of themes, however, that are surprises - your guests do not know they are at a murder mystery until things start to happen.
  • Q14 - Do you sell the scripts? Yes. Go to http://www.scripts4theatre.com and click on Murder Mysteries