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Dying4Dinner Murder Mystery Events

Contact Us

You can contact us using the email address and/or the telephone number at the top of our web pages (or click here to email.)

When you're thinking of booking an event, we go through a checklist with you to find out exactly what you need, details of the venue, special requirements (perhaps it coincides with someone's anniversary, for example), details and advice on timing and the type of meal (see our FAQ page for more details), opportunities for your guests to dress up and so on.

Most important of all is the theme, which can depend on the venue, the type of event, your demographic and all manner of other issues. All this can be done by letter or email, but there's nothing to beat a conversation from one person to another. This personal contact is one of the things that sets Dying4Dinner apart from so many other Murder Mystery Event organisers.

Enquiring about or Booking an Event

Click here to download a Word form to specify details of your event